Let's Get Ready To Rumble Energy was founded with a bold vision to create a brand that stood for energy, excitement, and endurance. From the beginning, our aim was to create a product that delivered a powerful punch of energy, without any compromise on taste or quality. Our brand was built around the legendary announcer Michael Buffer, whose iconic catchphrase became the inspiration for our name and our mission.

With a strong partnership with Michael Buffer, our branding and design were crafted to embody the excitement and energy of his legendary announcements. Our eye-catching logo and distinctive red, white and blue colour scheme are instantly recognisable, reflecting our brand's bold, dynamic personality.

We started with energy drinks that provided a boost of energy to anyone who needed it, whether they were hitting the gym or needed a lift to get through the day. From there, we expanded our product line to include high-protein bars that were not only delicious but also provided essential nutrients for muscle growth and recovery.

Our close partnership with Michael Buffer brought a wealth of experience and celebrity stature to our brand. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his own personal energy and drive are the values that we strive to embody in everything we do.

As we look to the future, we're excited to bring even more products to the market, expanding our range and continuing to innovate in the fitness food and drink industry. With Let's Get Ready To Rumble Energy, you can expect a brand that is always on the move, always pushing the boundaries, and always delivering the highest quality products.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Energy delivers heavyweight flavour with only 4.4g of sugar per 100ml compared to 11g in the leading brands!

Let's Get Ready To Rumble Energy is the energy drink that delivers everything you're looking for: 160mg of Ca¬ffeine, Lower Sugar, Taurine and added B Vitamins.

Our drink has been formulated to provide you with unparalleled taste in a healthier drink. Heavyweight energy that delivers knock out taste; Let’s Get Ready To Rumble energy is always in your corner.